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NATU-HIT in the BioCultura exhibition

Last 14-17 of November the “greenest” members of our family, the NATU-HIT candies, travelled to Madrid to be presented in BioCultura, the most important exhibition in Spain for responsible use and ecological products, with near 80.000 visitors and more than 18.000 references in organic food.





Two formats and a wide range of flavors

NATU-HIT is the ecological sweet of Dulsa, to which we have applied our more than 120 years of confectionery know-how to create a delicious product with 100% organic ingredients.

We make and sell our hard candies with mint flavor, so classic, but also original and very natural tastes as banana and apple. All of them 100% organic.

And the crunchy sweets… their amazing, with a crunchy sugar covering in the outside and an explosive flavor core: mint, light mint, berries, liquorize, coffee and our most delicious novelty, cranberries, launched in 2013.

We make them form fresh bio cranberries with no additives at all, 100% ecological. Taste and heald joined together in a candy that keeps the cranberries properties and benefits.